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About the Artist

Ivana Tarraza a Puerto Rico native, in 2017 she earned her Bachelors in Fine Arts in Fashion Design from the Miami International University of Art and Design. From an early age she was devoted to the arts, in 2015 she began to conceptualize “Anatomiko” and formally launched the project in 2018. Anatomiko is a juxtaposition of the human anatomy and nature.

She has been able to balance her love for fashion by producing fashion shows internationally, and her love for art by creating one of a kind pieces.

She has exhibited her work in international art fairs and solo shows in Puerto Rico, New York and Barcelona. She has created murals in Miami, Puerto Rico and Barcelona. In 2022 she completed an artist residency in Spain with BMurals. Her longterm goal is to re-imagine and create a new human anatomy with the botanical and animalia world. 


Ivana Tarraza Cruz_ArtResume2022.jpg
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