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"De Todas las Flores" is a collection of 8 new illustrations that fuses the human anatomy with an array of botanical flora.

The inspiration arose after a month long residency in Lapland, Finland, during the summer when the flowers have bloomed, creating a painteresque picture.

To view the full collection click here.

Hilaris; adj: Cheerful, lively, happy.

"Hilaris" is a collection created in 2023 composing of 9 illustrations that represent a chapter full of life, a cheerful, lively one directly inspired by the existence of flora and fauna.

The collection is in stark contrast -on purpose- to the last collection “Los Angeles” which explored mourning, divinity and a variety of emotions.

Hilaris symbolizes the light at the end of the tunnel and celebrates life by reminding us how pleasant it is.

To view the full collection click here.


Created in 2022 “Los Angeles” is a series of twelve illustrations that represent the humanization of divine figures through everyday emotions that we experience with an anatomical aesthetic. The collection was created during a Residency with BMurals in Barcelona, Spain.

The collection is inspired by the architecture of the Gothic Quarter, the Catholic Basilicas of the city and their structural aesthetics creating a dramatic and majestic harmony.

To view the full collection click here.


Created in 2021, the collection is different studies of the complete human skeletal anatomy morphed into a variety of equestrian skeletal studies.

Some perspectives include movement, religious imagery and an ode to a classic piece. This series is the Prologue and inspiration of the "Los Ángeles" collection.

To view the full collection click here.

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